Episode 004 – Conquering it with Commissions (FMF)

June 10, 2016


Ron Burns and Sonya Paz – Painting commissioned murals at HSSV in 2009

Every Friday we have a Q&A more appropriately titled “Fan Mail Friday” for you here on Rockstar Mentor. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! This is the time where you can ask us questions and with our suitcase of knowledge and we’ll address your inquiries.

This is the Fan Mail Friday segment of the show and we have a question from Bella in Scottsdale Arizona. She asks about “I am new at doing commissions and special orders for my customers, how do I get started and what are the do and don’ts?.
Many thanks to Bella for reaching out and asking this question, I get asked this question a lot!

We touch on some hot topics for creating a special artwork for your customer and also we touch on the business of this and point out the basics, timeframes, deposits, contracts, following up.  Be a pro and be a rockstar to get your business hat on and be a pro at doing commissions for your collectors.

I say be organized and determine what their timeframe is, budget, size and the theme or topic of the required work. Make sure you collect a deposit and this is also outlines y way of a simple contract or agreement. Communicating with your client and getting all of the details is critical, everything should be noted to what the expectation is. Make this as simple as possible and be sure to provide a draft of the anticipated artwork so that your both on the same page. This is not only for painters, but this is photographers, jewelry makers, mixed media art, wood working, pottery, glass work, sculpture and all other creative mediums.

I have a freebie download on the website which is a “Where do I start with commissions?” guide for you to keep the momentum up and stay organized.

Be sure to visit my website to sign up and be on the forefront of important information and free downloads that I have prepared for you. http:rockstarmentor.com

To learn more about me, my art and products, visit Sonya Paz through my art website, SonyaPaz.com.
Thanks so much for tuning and everyone have a great creative day!

Rock on everyone!

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