Episode 010 – FMF Creating Beautiful Prints with Artist Sonya Paz

epson-stylus-photo-1400It”s fan Mail Friday and we’re talking bout creating beautiful prints of your artwork will be the profit center for your art business. It’s fan mail Friday today!

Carolyn’s asks “Sonya I’ve been a follower and collector of your art since 2003 and I love the vibrant use of your colors, and whenever I have purchased original art and prints I’m amazed at how your prints turn out with the colors so vivid and capturing your detail. Do you mind if I ask what type of printer you use and what kind of camera you’ve used to get your results?”

First of all wow, thank you Carolyn for not only collecting my work but for listening into the podcast and asking this great question!

I am a technogeek and it’s no surprise to anyone that I hoard printers. I do, I love Epson printers and I happen to have around 7 in my possession presently to which 2 are longer working anymore….. HA!

I have been photographing my art for several years and have honed in my skills are so that I don’t have to go back and tweak too much of anything,  I have used a number of different cameras to photograph my work and we most of everything with this in the studio. I have master files of everything and from this master files we create templates for the different sizes of prints that we will be doing. We print up to 14 inch wide in house and anything outside of that I have a professional printer who will reproduce the larger formatted prints.

I suggest for anybody who is new to printing in-house start off slowly, it is a commitment and there is a learning curve if you are not used to it. I have a digital imaging background so that made it easier for me, but some artists want to create and don’t want to have to worry about being there own manufacturer. I would suggest find someone in your area who can take photos of your artwork and print them for you so that you could do the color checking.

There are several online manufacturers that will create prints from your photos but if you don’t have a quality masterfile, your prints will be jeopardized.  You can Google the different Epson printers that I have noted, most of these are now discontinued, however you may find something online that is refurbished that might be cost-effective solution for you. I know either artist use printers like Cannon, Kodak, HP and Brother but for me I am in Epson girl!

I will say that you should ALWAYS photograph your work for documentation purposes and keep a database or spreadsheet to properly document your work, regardless if you are creating prints or products. Be sure to include the title, date created, size, medium, file name, location or other archival information you feel important.

So many thanks to Carolyn from Chicago who has written in and asked us this awesome technical question, I love questions like this where I can geek out and talk about the technical aspects of the art business!  I have been asked about printing images of artists work over the last couple of weeks, we will go into a more in-depth episode in the nest future to address more technical and specific details on this process.

I hope that this question in my expertise in answering this question will bring some value to you.

Here is the link for Mike Chambers at Picture Element in San Jose, CA

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