Episode 011 – Your Customer Experience Basics with Artist Sonya Paz

Customer-ServiceBrushing up on your customer experience or customer service skills is essential.

I have seen many times where you get better customer service shopping online and you do when you’re shopping inside a brick-and-mortar retail establishment – because you at the very least get a “Thank You” . This episode is touching on simple methods to brighten up your skills with customer interface and interaction This episode focuses on the way that you present yourself as not only an artist but as a business person and how you interface with the customer.

Picture this as a big sandwich the top bun is your meet and greet, the bottom bun is thanking the customer for their purchase and all of the flavorful and substance between the bun is the main gradient, the flavors, sauces, spices of how you made that customer feel.

Think of this as the first date and you were there to make the ultimate great impression, most importantly you want your potential collector to know trust and like you not only as an artist but as a person they can relate to.

The formal approach is not bad, sometimes too casual does not allow you to be taken seriously. This is your time to shine. The conversation is a two way street, ask them about where they’re from, are they local, are they traveling from out of town?

Basic information also includes following up with customers and building your list. The fortune is in the follow up and personal thank you notes is a the ultimate win!

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