Episode 012- Open Studio Success Prep with Artist Sonya Paz

fmf_openstudioAre you planning on an open studios and not too sure where to get started, no problem!  Today’s question comes from Ben from San Francisco, CA.

Ben asks “I am a guest artist at my city’s annual Open Studio in the fall, this is my first time doing this, what is needed to prepare?” 

Thank you Ben for your question and PERFECT timing and congratulations!

This episode includes 10 top wins for a successful open studios. Please go to http://RockstarMentor.com

to view the detailed top 10 items along with the detailed show notes. You may also download the freebie I have prepared for you, the Basic Exhibitor Toolkit on the website in the “Cool Tools” area.

For the full summary of these show notes visit me at http://rockstarmentor.com/blog

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To learn more about me, my art and colorful product line, visit Sonya Paz through my art website, SonyaPaz.com

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