Five Star Review Challenge – Contest Winner

Hi everyone! Back on June 14th I created a video where I was having a 10 day challenge for folks to listen to my newly launched podcast to help me reach a 10 day challenge to get my new podcast titled “RockStar Mentor” in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes! (It turned out to be a 22 day challenge) and the contest was to write a review for me and in return I would place your name in the drawing for an original Sonya Paz Painting valued at $250!

This Rockstar program that I’ve developed to help artists of all levels and all experiences to overcome fear and obstacles as well as to rock their inner entrepreneur and teach them how to run their art business with success. Podcasts are aired weekly with a bonus episode on Friday.

This “New and Noteworthy” is an elite area of iTunes that has a short window of time from the date of launch, so I’m giving myself 10 days to get as many five star (*****) and positive reviews/ratings on my podcast.

Even though the challenge is competed, you can STILL participate and leave me a 5***** Star review. Please have a listen and if you like what you hear please give me a great review. Have a look at this  video and if you have any questions let me know. In exchange I will be holding a drawing to win an original Sonya Paz painting valued at $250. Whoooo hooooo! How cool is that!

Thanks to everyone who have been amazing during this process! Thank you for your consideration.

Here is the link to iTunes, (every browser and app is different for best results log directly into your Apple or iTunes account).

Here is the video:

Thx so much!

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