Episode 014 – FMF Fortune in the follow up with Artist Sonya Paz

Follow UpEpisode 014- Fan Mail Friday

An awesome question from Betsy from Detroit Michigan asks
“How long do I wait to follow up with someone after the exhibition? Same day, a week or when?”

Great question and many thanks to Betsy from Detroit! There is no perfect science in the followup, in my personal experience allow a good 24 buffer and each person is different and each circumstance is different. Send a friendly email, ket them know that you remember them and that you are following up
Be sure to include in the email the picture of the works they are interested along with the size and the price. Offer to have them view the work again in a less congested setting, or if they are local, offer to bring the piece by to see if it the art will work in their space.

Email is good, post card is also an option as a great follow up.

Give it some time, if they promise to get back to you and don’t, perhaps ping them in a week. Be assertive but don’t be a stalker. If they are indecisive then simply let them know that you are available and also let them know how long your show is hanging and/or when your next exhibit is.

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