Episode 015 – Pokemon Go and Applying to Public Art with Artist Sonya Paz

PokemongoEpisode 015
I’m not one that knows much about online gaming even though I have two sons who play different types of gaming and gaming tournaments, specifically this whole Pokémon Go movement.

Apparently a public art project of a painted utility box that I painted with the “Art Box Project” in San Jose in 2013 made it to one of the locations for Pokémon Go. I guess this is a big deal and aside from getting into the logistics about Pokémon. I’ve received a lot of emails comments and acknowledgment that the art box that I painted is referred to as “silly flowers painted box”. But aside from getting into a whole discussion about Pokémon I wanted to touch on public art projects in general.

There are public art projects all around the country, it where you can submit your work to be part of public art projects all around the United States, in your local vicinity, and so many other cities.  What kind of public art are you doing and if so what are you doing? I would love to hear more about this from you. Write to me and share with me what you are doing?

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