Episode 016 – FMF Overcoming Video Fear with Artist Sonya Paz

Sonya Video Live

Fan Mail Friday – Episode 016
Afraid of regular video, give Facebook Live a whirl!

“Get that video camera out of my face” that is what I would say anytime anyone with a video camera came around me. I was never comfortable being in the view of video camera. This fan mail Friday is touching on an observation one of my collectors had seen recently on one of my Facebook live videos that I had on my Sonya Paz gallery page.

Randall who is a videographer out of the Los Angeles area as well as a collector of my work stumbled onto my Facebook live video on my art page and was stunned at what he saw. For several years he wanted to capture me in my studio and I was apprehensive each time he asked.
This episode covers a bit of why I was apprehensive and how I really seem to now gravitate toward the strange medium of my video on Facebook for the whole world to see.

In my excitement on covering this topic, I failed to read Randall’s email to me on the air. So I will post it here:

“Sonya I recently viewed your live video feed on Facebook and I was pleasantly surprised, shocked yes, but very pleasantly surprised. I know for several years when heading up to Northern California I wanted to capture you in your studio, and you were very honest about how you felt about being video taped. It looks like you’re having a great time on Facebook live and you seem to be a natural at it, I think we need to do a Facebook live the next time I’m up in Norcal, I think it would be a blast! Keep up the great work”

Randall, thank you again for your email! You have absolutely no idea how fun is medium is and how the spontaneity of the moment seems to really pull me in and I gravitate toward that. The thing I’ve mentioned is that this is live video feed and it’s a “one take Jake” so it’s more organic and I feel I can really be myself because I don’t have the painstaking task of having to rehearse the script or won’t be able to see how I will interact until the video is done. The live feed is great because I can view myself doing the video therefore I feel that I’m actually more engaged with the audience. Not to mention that the audience can participate and give acknowledgments by way of likes and comments which only enhances the engagement and then I get to call out the viewer and they really like that too.

I apologize for not reading Randalls question over the air, my mistake (eeeekkkkkk!) and I will correct those things in the future. But for now have a listen to the podcast, try something new, get on Facebook live, engage with your group or your collector base and rock ‘n’ roll!

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