Episode 23 – Building your own Product Line with Artist Sonya Paz

Episode 023 – Print on Demand – expanding your art through products.

I will be addressing the all time burning question today that I often get asked because I have created my own successful product line and of course this is quite a journey and there are a lot of lessons to be learned in creating my own product line things that I may have done differently but certainly don’t regret anything and because I have done this guy can guide you in the right direction on how you can get started with your own products

It’s no secret that I have created a very expansive product line from ceramics to textiles, watches, magnets, jewelry, clocks, household decor, wearable art and the list goes on. I guess I get asked all the time about so these products were developed and where do I have the manufactured. 

Create something that is individual and will work with whatever substrate you’re working on. Sometimes this means you have to create artwork to accommodate the size of what you’re what product that you want to have your art placed on, and an easy way to achieve this also is create something that can be adjusted in size and you don’t have to worry so much about the dimensions, for instance create more square pieces that you know will fit on more square products.

I have done this long enough to tell you that I have tried to fit specific artwork to accommodate a specific space and sometimes it doesn’t always work out the way you wanted to work out. 

Many print on-demand services have products that you can put your art on, the key factor is to have a really great photograph, color corrected and super high resolution of your work in order to properly police these items on the product.

I have had products manufactured overseas and I have developed products that we produce in house here in the studio. Unless you’re in the digital design industry it can be a learning curve and trust me I have a digital art background and there was still somewhat of a learning curve because you have to deal with certain print profiles and a whole bunch of other stuff.

There are places like Zazzle.com and of course the long-standing Cafépress.com that will make products for you on a large variety of products from T-shirts to kids clothes coasters some textiles and the list goes on. And these are wonderful if you want to have something as a prototype or any small run, but they are certainly not designed with pricing structures that will allow you to wholesale those products.

They even have options on there that you can create your own mini store with products and the designing of the products on these websites are very easy,  even if you’re not a graphic designer they have step-by-step design that form that makes it very easy.

I will be interviewing some ndustry professionals folks in product manufacturing businesses in an upcoming episode and I don’t want you to stay tuned for that, it will be it will certainly be an education and eye-opener on how you can build a simple and effective product line

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