Episode 024 – FMF Pricing consistency is the way to gain sales and respect as an artist!

This weeks episode is about has been asked by a few different people in a variety of different ways over the last several months. It is about consistency and pricing. One specific question came from a collector who said “I used to collect the work of a specific artist until I went to a recent show that they were in and noticed that their pricing was dramatically different from other pieces I have purchased from them, almost half as much. The same size pieces were going for about half the price than what I had purchased them for the same size. I am weary now of purchasing their art and do I say anything to them about it?”

I’m going to get on my soapbox now and rant a bit. As someone, like myself who also collects original art, I think it’s fair to say something if you have purchased artwork at a show and then see it on another show for about half the price. I am not certain of all of the details of who the artist is, what artwork they were purchasing, if the shows had a theme to them or not, but as someone who also collects artwork, I will tell you straight up right now that you will lose collectors if you still can’t get your pricing aligned properly.

It sends the message that you’re not organized, it lets others know that you haven’t found yourself as an artist or your cheapening your work by extreme price points

 I’ll give you the fact that maybe a $10 or $20 fluctuation either way might be acceptable, but if the price difference is almost half, then you NEED to get it together. You need to value your work and make sure that you’re consistent across the board, because as you gain collectors they will start following you and rule number one, if you start wavering on your pricing so dramatically you’re doing not only a disservice to yourself, but you will lose valued collectors. 

There are many facets to getting your art priced right, I have written an article that is on my website that talks about pricing your work.

Now, in defense of the artist, one artist asked me “what if I have a studio sale? can I discount works to an already collectors base? If you have a studio show and you are inviting your VIPs and collectors, yes, you can extend the sale as a thank you.

If you were showing an exhibit of your work and it’s part of the show, you best keep it consistent. I hope these questions help I hope this topic of pricing and consistency will help you move toward much success in selling your work.

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