Episode 026 – FMF Getting Hung up on Displaying your Artwork

I received an email from Philip from Lake Tahoe and he asked a great question today, 

he asks “Hey Sonya, I love your Podcasts and I really found the benefit of your free download of the  basic exhibitor tool kit . I wanted to ask if you have a preference of pro panels or the metal grids that are also an option for outdoor events. 

Many thanks to Philip for his awesome question. For me there were times when I would have to set up my booth with by myself and I found a pro panels to have worked out very well for me.

I needed to have an option that was lightweight and very sturdy so that is why I gravitated toward Propanels and decided to invest in the pro panel system. I know that there are other systems out there that work well for for a canopy set up.

You can also have a canopy and maybe four or five a frame with pegboard set up that you can paint black white or gray that may work well as well which might be more cost-effective, it really doesn’t matter what you have as long as you can showcase your artwork very well and have room for people to view your work clothes and at a distance

I don’t I’m not an affiliate of pro panels so it’s not like I’m trying to get extra bonus points for recommending them, I recommend them because I use them, they were sturdy lightweight and I really liked how they perform over the years with this process creating walls where I can hang my work.

You should definitely have something, whether it’s metal grid’s pro panels or a frames,  Don’t use bungee cords or funky hangers to hang your work,  you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression when it comes to how your work is presented.

If you were able to create even a pegboard system that you can hang off of the canopy and it doesn’t compete with your artwork, as long as it’s sturdy, portable and will work for you.

Any time any of us are showcasing your work you have to come up with a system and a way to present your work in the most positive and engaging way possible, my best advice is to always plan ahead don’t try to get all of this stuff within a week of doing a show prepare yourself and have a system ready that will rock ‘n’ roll and will enable you to fill a sense of pride

Thank you so much Phillip for asking is valued question today, I would love to see what you end up coming with and would love to showcase it on the RockStarMentor.com website, do please keep me posted!

I hope that this fan mail Friday will help not only benefit fill up but will help you in any questions you might have had in regards to your booth set up at an outdoor show. Stay tuned for next week as we plan to air and exciting interview!

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Metal Hanging Systems:


Uline – Metal Grid Wall:


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