Episode 028 – Artist movies, Biographies and Documentaries

Episode 028 – Fan Mail Friday
Renee from Aspen Colorado writes in and that she recently saw a wonderful art documentary on Alexander Calder. She loves our podcast, She asks me what artistic movies are my favorite and if I have any and if I would share those?

Thank you Renee for this for sharing this and I love this question! I have seen that Alexander Calder biography a number of years ago and it is truly spectacular I am a fan of his work and have been inspired by his talents as well. Well the answer to the question is a big giant yes, yes I do get inspired by biographies, documentaries, and films that feature artists and their journey through their life is an artist.  Whether the movie is fiction, factual, inspirational or biographical I always learn something from these individuals that have pave the way for other artists in history.

I am also inspired by production companies like Pixar, Disney, Lucas films etc. because those stories and journeys, trials triumphs and failures have all resulted in a unique art form that everyone of all ages can truly appreciate.

There are a handful of films that I have found that feature artists and the story of their life and their work that has inspired me in one way shape or form.

Alrighty… in not in any particular order I’m going to start off with films that just come right to my mind that I have really enjoyed, These are films about the artist themselves or representation of an artist:

1.) The Girl with the Pearl Earring

2.) Frida the story of Frida Kahlo

3.) The Thomas Crown Affair

4.) Pollick about Jackson Pollock

5.) Bigeyes about Margaret Keane

6.) Basquiat

7.) Midnight in Paris,

8.) Women in Gold (not Women in Red as I said in the podcast)

…. and there are probably another 25 or so movies I could talk about…. 

Then there some movies that were off the beaten path that I’m not sure sure if they were big box office hits, but these are ones that come to mind and definitely worth a watch:

1.) Art School Confidential

2.) Chocolat

3.) June Bug 

4.) The Best Offer

Now I know perhaps some of you will be writing to me saying “what about this movie and what about that movie”, I try to answer all these questions as fresh as they come in and as swiftly and spontaneous as I can. I want to be able to answer these questions so that they are as organic as possible unless it’s something I truly have to research this is the format of this Fan Mail Friday is to address questions as they would as a spontaneous response based on if we were sitting around the table talking. If I have more time this week I will certainly delve into other movies, but I just wanted to address some that off the top of my head I have seen, I have been inspired by them most of them I would say I’ve watched more than 3 or 4 times …. and if I’m channel surfing and I see one of these movies or other artistic movies I will stop and watch it no matter what seeing the movie is in. Ha ha!

Then there are the biographies, there are far too many biographies that I could mention right now that are awesome, I believe if you check on YouTube or even Google most famous artist you will find a biography or a show or movie that talks about that artist.

I always suggest to view as much as you can about other artist, see what makes them tick, see what causes them to excel or in some sad cases, what has caused some artists to have spiraled downward. I think the thing that I enjoy the most about these movies is watching the artist in their creation process.

Renée, THANK YOU for your question!  I hope that you are being inspired by biographies and films. Please share projects that you’re working on that you’ve been inspired by another artist person or film. I hope everyone is going to have an amazing weekend this weekend and that you’re out supporting other artists.

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