Episode 034 – FMF Watermarking photos for best online visibility

Episode 034
Greetings friends and listeners, today is Fanmail Friday and I have a question from Sarita in Meridian, Idaho who asks, “Hi Sonya, I am in the process of getting my website finalized and I have given my images to my web person, she is telling me that I need to remove the watermarks from my images, but I remember from a previous podcast you said that watermarking the images is necessary, can you please explain this to me again in detail?
Greetings Sarita, and thank you so much, I know that so many web people want to make things simplistic and they feel that the watermark is going to compromise the aesthetic from the website….. Ummmm not true!
it’s the same as if you were telloing them to not to allow them credit if they put their name at the bottom of the website. So, in my opinion, the answer is no, do not remove your watermark.
However, I will say that the watermark does need to be thought out and doesn’t need to take up the whole entire span of your image, it also should not be blasted across the center of your image, often times this is a turn off to the consumer and it should be in a lighter transparent layer something that isn’t over taking images but will let the average viewer who might stumble on your images in that big fast Internet Highway know who who created the work.
I also know that some web experts want to place high-resolution images spanning 1200 x 1200 pixels.  Eeeeek!!!  If you provide this size image, provide images that will benefit images of open spaces, images of your studio, photos of your exhibits with lots of people in it, a photo of you with your booth, a grouping of your artwork in a setting. But I do not recommend that you put one image 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels because then it can easily be “borrowed” from your website and utilized unfavorably without your permission.  Sad, but true.
I have provided art images on my site that are no more than 500 pixels wide, this will translate well and be nicely visible on tablet, laptop, smart phone etc. the whole point of putting photos on your site is so that people can see your work and anything larger than that it’s going to take up unnecessary space and you want of course people to purchase prints of your work or other products that you have available.
If you keep the watermark modest on the lower section of the on the image, this way  you should be safe.
Sarita, I am excited that you are close to launching your website and would love it if you would send me your final link so we can check out your amazing art!
I hope that you will send in questions that you have that you would like for me to answer on the air about any obstacles that you are encountering or any questions that you might have.

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