Episode 036 – FMF Secure your Price. Conclude your sale.

Today’s question comes from Allan in San Francisco who says “Hey Sonya, good job on the podcast have been loving everything you’re doing so far. I’m a little apprehensive to ask this question because we’ve had this conversation before but I’m still in a rut when it comes to asking for the sale and blowing it by talking too much! Can you give me three quick viewpoints on what not to say when trying to conclude the sale!

Hey there Allan, thanks so much for writing in and yes one of the things that artist need to do or anyone get a sales position is to ask for the sale and stop talking, (LOL)

One of the things that I have seen while working with artists and clients, when you’ve received a commitment from your customers we all tend to fill in awkward airspace with blibber-blabber.

1). I know many of us struggle with this and one thing you can’t do is let your customer see you sweat. This only lowers the confidence of your professionalism and it also shows weak points that you don’t want your customer to detect because in their eyes, you are a rockstar, you are amazing and they are about to handover a large sum to collect your work. 

2). Second of all, you’ve gotten a commitment from your customer (and you need to stop talking). I have seen time and time again where artists will say “are you sure”?, I’ve also heard others asking the customer if “it’s OK” to agree on price, in other words you’ve agreed on the price of the work and they’ve agreed to pay for it because they respect your time and your work, you blow it by saying “I hope that’s OK”.  Again, stop talking!!

3). Don’t talk about the price any longer, you concluded that, now the excitement of packaging it up for them to take home or if you were going to be shipping it you prepare your paperwork to get all of the information you would need to do that.

In my art marketing workshops i’ve had  artists who have confessed to me that they’ll start to bargain with the customer and it always end up bargaining into the wrong direction of you lowering the price, Stop talking. 

You are a rockstar. You are an artist, you are creating fine pieces of artwork. This is your work, this is your blood sweat and tears. Don’t blow the sale.

Allan, I hope this helps out with your dilemma, I do recall speaking with you on a couple of occasions in regards to this very subject and I’m telling you you will do so much better if you just stand firm, be prideful of your work, and again stop talking…. Don’t say too much.

So rock stars I want to remind you that I have not only hourly coaching sessions but I also can do it in 15 minute increments if you need something quick to get yourself boosted up to gain your confidence and to rock ‘n’ roll with your art business. Check out RockStar Mentor.com in the coaching and mentoring section for more information.

I’m so glad that you all turned in today for fan mail Friday, many thanks to Allan for this awesome question. Would love to hear how you are producing and promoting this new avenue of selling. If you need additional help feel free to reach out to me on the website or email me at http://rockstarmentor.com. 

I hope you all have a rock ‘n’ roll and weekend this is where delving into the fall so’s most of the art shows are concluding in the bay area, if you are going to be doing any harvest festivals or indoor shows this fall and holiday season I hope you’re going to rock and roll!

I am your host Sonya Paz, I look forward to talking with you next week and peace out everyone!

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