Episode 037 – Communication Awesomeness to Rock Your Business

Rockstar Mentor – Episode 037

It has been one heck of a crazy weekend and dealing with all kinds of challenges technical and mechanical I might be a little bit on the punchy side today. …. But that’s OK, I am your art coach, it is my job to push back and it is my job to get a little bit in your face so with that said….

Today’s topic focuses on the way we communicate. I want to just point out that this information I am providing to you today is not necessarily only for artist this is the way you communicate in ALL areas and aspects of your business, and in this specific case, …your art business.  

When I started doing this podcast I must have gone through 10 to 20 versions of the podcast and I listened back to a variety of ways that I was speaking, and I’ll tell you it’s pretty challenging to speak into a microphone with nobody around,  but I had to close my eyes and capture the vision of having people sitting and listening to me. 

One of the things that you start to do when you start to do public speaking is listen to yourself and how many times that you pause, how many times do you use the arm, how many times do you use the unnecessarily, overused word “like”. I’ve listen to so many podcasts and so many public speakers and really good public speakers will watch and detect what they say and have train themselves to not utilize a lot of words when speaking. 

Especially podcasters, I know that there are ways to edit the podcasts but sometimes I will listen to a fantastic podcast but the over use of certain words will distract me so badly that it makes me lose sight of what I’m doing listening to their audible mess. 

Now when communicating with your client, “your perspective collector” you want to be sure that you are fine tuned in all of areas and aspects, this is probably where role-playing would come into play but you can certainly find tune your public speaking in so many ways. Record yourself and listen back, are there overused words or is your message not getting across in the proper format, are you not getting to the point, or are you beating around the bush so hard that even you’re getting lost in your own message?

I’m going to list a couple of great podcast that you can listen to that will help you as a public speaker. But not all of us are this is going to be public speakers, the point of this podcast episode is to reflect on yourself how you were sounding when conversing with your client, a.k.a. lifelong collector. 

Now if you go back decades and decades and centuries ago you will find out that people in the business arena did face-to-face business, when the telephone came along they spoke on the phone via telephone, and then of course the modern technology of faxes came along and people started to do business by way of fax. But it all all boils down to one thing, voice to voice, and face-to-face communications are critical. This is how you should be interacting with your clients.

Unless your collector specifically asked you to text them don’t text them as a way of communication, it’s really impersonal when you’re conducting business. I would say email is the better format if you have to communicate and document the artwork that you’re doing for them, state a price or document a size of an artwork, a price and other critical detailed information.

Please do not get in the habit of texting your customers hey “what’s up?” “are you ready yet”, “what’s up dude”. Not professional.  

Picking up the phone and talking to your customer voice to voice is the best way, nothing really gets lost in translation translation as it would be a text. The personal touch will buy you so much over and over I cannot even express to tell you. I did more business when I picked up the phone and spoke to my customer. 

I know a lot of folks have gotten into the habit of doing tax and emailing and I think it has its benefits but if you want to be successful in your business you need to be organized and focus on limiting your communication vehicles. 

Remember everyone, if you need help with this you can reach out to me mentor at RockStar Mentor.com and I would be happy to set time aside with you to make sure that we can get your confidence boost it for this, the dues and don’ts, the rights and wrongs.

Referenced Podcasts that will help you with public speaking:

The Talent Coach
The Shark

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