Episode 038 – FMF Jewelry Displays to make an impression and sell lots!

Episode 38 Fanmail Friday

Today’s question comes from Paula in New Brunswick New Jersey Who is a new jewelry maker in there and has questions about her display. She writes in “Hi Sonya, I am a polymer clay jewelry artist and I am starting to get ready for holiday craft shows in my my town. I’m trying to figure out the best way to display my jewelry and I see a lot of other jewelers with white elaborate set ups. What would you recommend for someone just starting out?”
(correction, I recited Paula’s name as “Patricia” my apologies for the error).

Thank you so much Paula for writing in, and congratulations on taking the leap to start selling your jewelry!

There are many ways to accentuate your display for doing any type of show, and my personal and professional opinion I would do as much Unique displays that will flatter your works.  There are lots of companies that sell pre-fabricated displays, but I would like to do something that is unique to my work and will help set the foundation. Here are a few essentials that I would recommend:

1.) Make sure that if you have a table set up that you don’t bring product for three set ups, bring just enough that you know won’t be too overwhelming but you’ll have back up stock available. 

2.) Always have a mirror on your table, people will buy more when they can see what the jewelry looks like on them.

3.) Get some small nesting bins, things that you could put inside and use these for your risers on your table. 

4.) Be sure that you have a couple of table cloths or lovely table coverings or scarves that you can use for color for your booth, one as the main drape and the second one to use for covering your risers. 

5.) Creating high and low risers will give your table a lot of depth

6.) If you have some pretty plates you can easily pour some rice, or even black beans into the plates and display bracelets and necklaces quite nicely. Gives a nice organic look and is very inexpensive. 

7.) There are several jewelry supply companies online and I will notify couple of the show notes, I guess it all depends on what look you’re going for but try to make your table as personal as possible.

8.) Always make sure you have your business cards and a bio on your table as well as a photo of you creating your work. This will really help connect your customer to your creating process. 

Your table should set up should really reflect what you what your creations look like. 

You want to stand out and you want to be very individualistic with your table. If you just have the standard jewelry display, much like the leather or velvet pre-fabricated displays, you will just blend in like everybody else at the show. 

You can also find really inexpensive fabrics that don’t even necessarily have to be a traditional tablecloth, go to your local fabric store and find remnants of fabrics that you think would ask at your table or booth. Starting out with an expensive options at the beginning will allow you some creative freedom as your display and your designs grow. 

There you have it Paula! hope you can send photos of what you end up doing, I would love to see your work as well as what you end up doing!

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