Episode 039 – Take That Leap for Success… NO Permission Necessary

Ep. 039 Take That Leap for Success… NO Permission Necessary

Just do it!
Greetings friends and listeners
If you are now tuning into this episode then I just want to let you know that my name is Sonya Paz, I am a professional artist, entrepreneur, shameless self marketer, I have created my own product line and owned my own Galleries.

In 2012 I decided to close my huge gallery that I had in downtown Campbell, CA and go back to the “studio by appointment” business model.
I was a tad burned out on retail, but mostly every ounce of energy and time was put into the gallery and I was losing who I was not only as a person but as an artist, as a mother and as a daughter, a wife and friend. I wanted to take time to travel and to absorb and get back some of what I felt I had lost over the past years.

I will say that I do not regret anything about having the gallery, it was phenomenal, it was a wild ride and the ultimate high that you cannot possibly imagine unless you’ve done it. But there is time that we need to take for ourselves. I decided to focus on the commission work that I was working on and take a good couple of years to regroup and reinvent and get back into the creative mode.

At the end of 2014 I felt like I needed to get social again, I needed to be out there, meeting people, inspiring people, start to network and get back into the groove of things, on my terms of course.

A couple of friends encourage me to start doing the wine and paint party circuit, I really never felt as though I would be the person to teach but this type of learning this type of teaching in the style of environment was not only fun, but inspiring and fulfilling on so many different levels.

So I started VinoPaint.com I could teach different styles of artwork, to get people creating, bring out an inner artist within themselves they never knew they had. But it was also a calling for me that was amazing. I was able to use my public speaking skills, my humor, my love for music, my admiration for everything creative and it’s been awesome.

Many of the local folks who had visited the gallery were pleased to see that I was out and about, and doing something new and enjoying this new style of teaching. And believe it or not, people really wanted to learn how to create from a professional artist!

By now you might be asking yourself “Is this podcast a self promotion for VinoPaint?”…. well, it wasn’t intended to be a giant commercial for myself or for my business, but when you own your own podcast and after three dozen plus episodes I think it’s OK that I talk about it…. and shamelessly promote. LOL
The point is is that I had to overcome certain fears, I had to break out of the comfort zone and move in a direction that I would never known if I had loved it or hated it unless I tried. If you are on the fence with trying something new take the leap, then go ahead and make that jump. Not everything is a breeze, especially if you’re outlaying money then there is a specific commitment involved.
You will never know unless you try.

If you would like to learn how to boost more of your confidence with a coach, an artists who has done it all in this art industry, check out RockStar Mentor.com. I have full on one no one coaching, all the way to 15 minute phone call pep talks!

This is my 39th podcast for RockstarMentor.com, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have the opportunity to reach out to you, and get your feedback, hear your questions, answer questions on the air and know that you’re you’re going to kick some butt in with your art business!

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I want to extend a huge thanks to my editor Andrew Paz for being an amazing editor during my remote recording sessions because of my laptop fiasco. He is awesome and he always makes me sound really great and I totally think him for that!

This is a wrap for today, I hope you were all rocking it with your art business, we will be back on Friday for Fanmail Friday so if you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Write to me at mentor@rockstarmentor.com and thanks in peace out everyone.

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