Episode 040 – FMF The magic, the paper and the value of $ 0.47

Episode 040

The magic, the paper and the value of $ 0.47

Today’s fabulous question comes from Stephania in Como, Italy! That is certainly a long ways away and I am absolutely tickled to have received a question from halfway around the world.
Stephania’s question is in regards to thank you notes, she writes “Sonya my husband and I have been fans of your art since we saw it in Florida in 2007. Since then I have started outdoor painting and have sold some pieces. I really like your podcast and I am enjoying hearing all your great testimonies.  I I still have the thank you note that you sent to me along with the certificate of purchase and I treasure it along with the artwork. I am not sure if since I am new to painting if this is too much for my new customer?
This is a fantastic question and I have a huge fan of the hand written note!
I believe in a few different podcasts I have mentioned the magic behind taking a few moments to hand write a thank you note for someone who has not only purchased your art but commission you to do art as well.  I will tell you that this has so much more power in it than just an email. An email is easy, you type out a few words you copy and paste a few things you address it and you hit send and then you forget.
Yeah, sure you have a record of what was sent in your sent mail but when you actually take a few moments get a thank you note use your hand use your ink create the message give the gratitude for the person or persons who have purchased your artwork, that message is 1000 times stronger than an email. In my opinion it is the best $.47 you can spend. And in my opinion that is a very small fee for a lifetime of collectors that you can gain.
Now of course, I don’t know how much the postage is in Italy but, I am sure that it is still very reasonable.
This is one of those times where you could have a few notecards with your art on it, if you’re not in a position to manufacture some, then makes some prints of your work and mount them on small note cards. In today’s day and age with all the resources we have available to us it’s a no brainer!
I love writing thank you notes, this is where I can get creative it doesn’t need to be a novel, you simply need to let your client or customer know that you appreciate the fact that they have supported you and how much it means to you.4
And of course I’m a doodler so I always end up doodling around the back end of the envelope I think that’s something that will make you stand out and it’s something that they will truly remember. I had collectors years ago who kept everything that I sent to them they kept every document every envelope and everything from each artist that they had collected over the years and I’m going to tell you, that was impressive.
The magic is in the motion, go for it, do it! You will be glad you did. Stephania I thank you so much for asking this question and sharing with me your journey!!
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