Episode 042 – FMF Where has the Music Gone?

Episode 42 – Fan Mail Friday

Today’s fan mail Friday episode comes from what Roberta in Seattle Washington who writes in and says “hey Sonya I love listening to all of your podcasts, I hope to get myself started for the holidays selling my mini sculptures. I noticed that when listening to some of the first few episodes you had referenced music at the end of each episode, and then I see you don’t do that anymore, I love music and love listening to music while I create, are you going to be doing that again?”
Hey there Roberta, thank you so much for writing in… and yes you are correct, one of the fun visions I had for myself when creating the podcast was to play off of the “rockstar” name. Aside from writing all the episodes, and of course getting all of the content for the episodes, addressing the Fanmail Friday episodes and researching the songs.  I felt would be pertinent to each episode got to be a little bit too much on my plate.
I know a few people have asked me about that and I might revisit it again someday. With my art business Sonya Paz Inc. and my teaching instruction at VinoPaint.com my plate is a little bit full. Just a little bit!
I will let you know that any artist or anybody who listens to music while creating it’s truly a benefit, not only is it inspiring but it helps with passing the time, get you in a good mood, it makes you appreciate the sounds of music and styles of music that are available today, brings back.
I know for me I’ll hear a song and it’ll flash me back to a time when I was a kid or I was in high school, I know that that is relevant for quite a number of folks not only artist, that music will play a large role in who we are, how the music shapes us as people, as individuals, as professionals, as moms, dads professional artists, politicians, just about everything. I did believe that using the Music reference at the end of each episode would give a fun little boost or taste of different sounds and different inspirations for this podcast but as I said it got to it was a great idea but I needed to keep focusing on all of the feedback I was getting for this podcast.
If you’re listening to this podcast and you like if you have a certain playlist or you have a band either local or will know that you listen to write to me and let me know would love to share with those are here on the air, you can reach me at mentor (at) rockstarmentor.com.
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I want to be sure to thank Roberta for acknowledging my amazing idea for the prelude of this Rockstar Mentor podcast series and hopefully I will revisit researching more music as an extra little bonus in some of the episodes.
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