Episode 045 – Polishing Up Your Sales Spiel

Episode 045 – Polishing Up Your Sales Spiel
Greetings friends and listeners, happy November to all of you and I am energized that this holiday season is approaching. Before you know it we will be in the midst of getting lots of orders, ornaments, jewelry, commissions finished with the crazy December deadlines but it’s all good.
Sonya Paz here,  your host with the Rockstar Mentor podcast.
First and foremost, not sure if you noticed but I was absent last week, a lot of things going on we are in the process of moving the editing studio and had some Family commitments and I decided to take a break off for one week.
But I am back and here we are. I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite subjects and that is polishing up your art spiel. Tis the season to be creative and his the season to make lots of sales.
This not only goes for your online communications, but this is very pertinent to the way that you communicate with customers if you were doing any holiday, Christmas shows, craft fairs, Studio sales, open studios etc.
Over the past summer I visited a few art and wine festival’s that are very popular here in the Northern California area, I get to visit friends that I know who are doing the shows, and I also get to see what’s new out there, check in with many people who I’ve known for years and it’s always fun to talk shop.
While perusing the shows early one day before it got too hot in the day I happened to notice an artist who was in the process of setting up his booth and a couple approached him interested in his work. This gentleman not only looked annoyed but pretty much barked at the couple “I’m not set up yet, I’m still unpacking, come back later”.
Well, needless to say the couple was quite taken back by the comment and it wasn’t so much what he said it was how he said it, it was very unfriendly and certainly wasn’t screaming “yes, come check out my stuff later.”
I if I had known who this artist was a little better I would’ve went up to him and told him that he had just lost a sale, but being that I didn’t know this person I chose to just observe from afar and make note for this episode.
Now, it goes without saying that this couple I am pretty positive did not come back, the sale was lost, in fact I would say that the sale was executed … Game of Thrones style!
You don’t have a second chance to make a good impression and you certainly don’t have a second chance to rewind and take back things like this. I will tell you from my own personal experience I made some of the best sales while unpacking well getting my show ready for an event, as well as packing up a show. The possibilities are there and the possibilities are endless so don’t squash on these valuable opportunities.
I recently had an artist write to me and tell me that she listens to my podcast on the way to doing her shows or on the way to exhibits, and of course as you know, podcasts are audio so you can download it to your device whether it’s android or iPhone or iPad or what have you and pick up lots of great free valuable information. One of the things when doing a show and having some downtime is to work on your sales presentation. It’s a lot easier than you think.
 There are several episodes in the series of RockStar Mentor podcast that you will learn and understand the value of small details to market your art business.
Getting into the right mindset to be able to sell and present your work is critical, I’m really great at selling, but if I’m not in that mindset or if I’m not feeling the groove then I’m not going to succeed as an artist.
Work on your spiel, work on eye to eye contact, work on your confidence to be able to communicate to your customer and what your art is about who you are as an artist.
Now, the gentleman who barked at the couple, he could’ve made a sale right then and there. Using the opportunity of unpacking your work, looking busy while people are mulling about in your booth before you’re even getting set up can ignite some amazing interest and profitable sales.
I hope this holiday season is amazing for you all as artists, I want you all to succeed, flourish and ignite much interest with you selling online or selling face-to-face.
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Thank you so much for tuning in and listening, I hope you conquer it with creation  and that you are on your way to amazing success and sales this holiday season and beyond!
Peace out y’all!
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