Episode 047 – Be a PRO with an Effective Artist Statement

Episode 047 Be a PRO with an Effective Artist Statement. 

Greetings everyone! It is starting to cool down here in November much like last week weather has changed to it being cold blustery and rainy out, but I am finally happy that this is boot and sweater weather!
Happy November and happy turkey day as we are approaching Thanksgiving this week. I always give thanks to everything I have, Family, friends, health, the ability to create beautiful art for others and I’m honored to collect art from artist that I admire and works that I like (well most artist that I can afford, some are out of the ballpark and I’m just going to have to keep putting it on my wish list). LOL
This week I want to point out some top three things to remember in creating a effective and informative artist statement.
1.) Create a statement about why you do what you do as an artist. 
The first section of your artist’s statement should start off with a description of what drives you as an artist and what drives you to create art.  Make it as personal as possible, people want to know about you but details should be to the point and brief. Outline what your purposes and what you hope to achieve with creating your art.
2. Let the reader know what inspires you as an artist and outline interesting techniques or processes that you use.
The second thing to consider in your statement is to describe how you create your work and if you have any special techniques that you use, describe what it is, everyone loves the how to and learn more about components and materials that you use in your art. Your readers and collectors want to know what makes you stand out from everybody else.
For instance, do you create artwork that is only and solely based on personal experience is, does your work tell a specific story, are you involved in a special charity or do you have a specific niche, or a vision that you wish to inform the reader, include this in your statement.

And of course, last but not least…

Keep it Super Simple (or short, sweet). Be direct and the point. Your artist statement is an introduction to your work, this tells everyone about you and why you do what you do. Your artist’s statement should be one to two paragraphs and no longer than a page. For Pete’s sake’s, you’re not riding in a book, or at least not yet, so keep your statement direction to the point so you don’t lose your readers interest.
Most importantly the artist statement should be written by you a at  http://SonyaPaz.com the author (as the first person) for the reader.
You should always have a statement along with your artist bio. But be careful not to confuse the two. Your bio is basically your artist resume. Your statement outlines what you do as an artist and why you create.
Some people combined the two or put them on one page, they used to be such a formality about all this but in this day and age and the way the people right in the way that people read it has evolved somewhat and the rules have not have carried through such formalities.
If you are in need of help with your bio or statement you may contact me at RockstarMentor.com and I can assist with getting you on the right track.
Again, I am your host Sonya Paz as your podcast host for the RockStarMentor.com and RockStar Mentor podcast, I am thrilled and have much gratitude for those who tuning every week and listening so that you can learn how to rock it with your art business.

You can visit my work and products at http://SonyaPaz.com

I wish everyone a wonderful week and hope that if you’re having any art promotions or Studio sales on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or the fabulous Cyber Monday that you all. Rock it!

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