Episode 049 – Say bye bye to the Bah Humbug Part II

Episode 49 – Say bye bye to the Bah Humbug Part II

Haters are gonna hate…. but that OK, we don’t care.

First of all, we are sending condolences to the victims and their families of the recent Oakland Fire that took place in Oakland this past weekend.  It was a terrible tragedy that took over 30 lives.  So incredibly sad.

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This podcast is part II of the “Say bye bye to the Bah Humbug Part II”, this segment of the podcast will focus on people (aka trolls) who like to anonymously tread in shallow waters.  People who like to hide behind keyboards and write unpleasant things to others, namely to artists.  NOW, no one like a bully or a coward and the reason that people do this to others is very confusing and bothersome to me, especially since I have many friends that have encountered this style of abuse.

I had promised to share with you a letter that I received a few years ago after I decided to close the formal gallery and moved back to my studio by appointment. The podcast will detail the contents of the letter, so be sure to tune in to get the juicy nitty gritty details.

My choice to have a full retail gallery in the heart of Downtown Campbell was my choice, it was MY journey and MY experience. Sure there were highs and lows, but that’s OK.

To conclude, don’t let others make you feel like you are not important, rise above it all and keep killing it with creation, be strong and determined. I know that it’s hard to percevere when others are unpleasant, but for the sake of your art creation, your sanity and getting through it, let it go.  It’s not worth trying to debate with someone that negative who is obviously lacking a few brain cells.

Again, I am your host Sonya Paz as your podcast host for the RockStarMentor.com and RockStar Mentor podcast, I am thrilled and have much gratitude for those who tuning every week and listening so that you can learn how to rock it with your art business.

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