Episode 052 – Happy New Year and 5 tasks to get you started for a great 2017!

Episode 052 – Happy New Year and 5 tasks to get you started for a great 2017!
Greetings friends and listeners, Sonya Paz here with the Rockstar Mentor podcast and I want to wish each and everyone out there a fantastic happy new year. We are officially in 2017. I love it!!!
I feel optimistic and hopeful for an amazingly creative new year. I want you as an artist to be empowered and to really flourish and excel with your art business and I am so glad that you’re here with me today.
Today we are going to talk about  goal setting and positive thinking.
As much as I am a big advocate for goalsetting at any time throughout the year and positive thinking 24/7 … 365, I thought for many folks would like to start things on a clean slate at the beginning of the year, I believe everyone can pretty much relate to that, right!
I know this is the time of year when a lot of people of all careers, all areas of the world want to start the new year with resolutions and promises to themselves that from everything from losing weight to curbing any bad habits, to stop the procrastinating, to have better relationships with people and of course how to make your business flourish and thrive.
Throughout the past several months I really haven’t given everybody a list of assignments to do, it’s been pretty much motivational to get you in the right track, to make you more aware of what’s going on out there in the art world but today I am going to give you a small assignment and don’t worry my assignments are effective, however they’re not going to kill you they’re not going to make you make your brain fall out of your head and they’re there to get you motivated and inspired. Mainly my assignments to you right now are going to be for you to reflect inside yourself and really dig down deep and perform a small task.
I’m going to give you a little bit of homework today, get a notebook, a notepad something that will be dedicated for you and your success as an artist. List five strong things that you want to accomplish this year – starting off with just the first quarter of 2017. Yes, I know we are looking at a lifetime of goals and ambitions, but let’s just work for the next three months first.
The point of this short exercise is to give you some guidance in the journey of being a successful artist. Some of the things that you might consider are getting your social media better organized, perhaps you have a great online presence but you want to learn how to talk with your customers face-to-face better, or simply, you might be quite introverted and you want to learn how to step outside your comfort zone.
List five things that you would like to accomplish, and by writing these down you are step one into determining to make all of this happen. You are going to set yourself up for this commitment that you will need to really be committed fully.
One thing that I really want you to focus on is doable goals yet challenging. Challenge yourself, take something that you think might take longer to accomplish and have that as one of your goals. You might very well surprise yourself!
One thing that I start each year off of is writing down five goals for myself, I would love to say that I have completed all five of my goals, but I managed to successfully do four of my major goals last year for 2016, I have to admit that I set the bot the bar pretty high for myself and my goals are not just lightweight tasks. One of those goals was to write, orchestrate, arrange, and produce this entire podcast so I have to say that that in itself was enough for 70 tasks!
But seriously. Give yourself 5 goals that you would like to achieve in three months, write them down and be sure to listen to future podcasts so we can work together to achieve your goal setting management.
If one of your items is to get more active on social media, that’s an amazing that’s an awesome goal, but I do want to point out there is a lot to learn on social media, and this is it I’m not saying this to scare you I’m’s telling you this so that you can paste yourself wisely. A lot of people I know who are successful on Etsy or their own website selling their wares via Etsy or on your own website, they get on get on to social media and there are so many things in so many programs on how to expand your business and Facebook ads and all that mumbo-jumbo that you can find yourself quite overwhelmed, you get stifled and then you just simply don’t want to deal with it. Rockstars all I can tell you is to take baby steps… there’s a lot of data out there and you don’t want to lose yourself in the process of getting yourself out there. 
Your homework for right now is to get a dedicated notebook something nothing fancy just start writing down 1 to 5 doable goals for yourself. We will table some of these assignments.  Wrote to me, let me know what your tasks are and what your challenges are.

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