Episode 054 – The eSport Gaming Community, Genesis 4 and Digital Artists

Greetings everyone!

I had the opportunity to attend Genesis 4 (aka G4) this weekend in San Jose for the G4 gaming competition this past. This event brought in gamers from all over the globe including Sweden, Japan, Canada, Germany, Mexico and thousands from across the USA.

My son Ryan had not only been a gamer at past events, this time he was a vendor selling his own brand of tshirts through his business Game Over Customs as a vendor at this event. He also makes custom stickers, game controllers and other items. There were a several vendors at this event selling their own drawings, digital art, keychains, tshirts, buttons, designs badges etc. One thing that we noticed was that there were a lot of artists that were not connecting much with this audience, mainly becasue they were new to this style of selling. A frew of them had their own Etsy.com shops or Facebook shops, but not al all familiar with the face to face selling of this style of vendor event.

When I got to Ryan’s booth, I reconfigured their booth to be netter merchandised, created better visuals, risers, inventory, POS area and got the banner hung in a more prominent location. It’s these small details that make the difference. From that point he was front and center to start getting more traffic and allowed customers to see his products better.  He was personalizing the custom gamer tags on the back of the shirt with his customer plotter and heat press.

Ryan mentioned to a few of them that I was a professional artist that not only sold my art and products to the masses, but that I also had this free podcast to help artists like themselves. Some of them approached me to see what RockstarMentor.com was all about.  They were so glad to know that there was a resource, a friendly and approachable resource where they can learn how to achieve selling directly to the customer.

There were some pretty well known gamers were sporting his awesome custom shirts; Mango  @C9Mang0, @TKbreezy @VS_NickRiddle @TYSK @TaiMai @yukun and more.

See more images from the event here: https://twitter.com/GameOverCustoms

If you are an Anime artists, digital artist, anime avatar creator, pop culture artsts etc, you will benefit from our podcast.  Rockstar Mentor is for ALL artists for all genres.

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