Episode 057 – The Persistence Pays Off

Rockstar Mentor Podcast – Episode 057

Episode 057 – Persistence pays off
Baking, designing or painting your way to success!

Are you an artist or creative person that wants to learn how to make a living doing what your passion is with a no frill, straight to the point and reults driven program…. then the Rockstar Mentor is for you! I am your host Sonya Paz and I am a fine artist living in Northern California who has been a successful published artist, licensed artist, self represented artist whose art designs have been used for dozens of promotions and products, events, concerts, restaurants, music CD covers, marathons. I’ve had my art appear on TV shows and my art products have been licensed, and have also been collected by celebrities around the globe. I am so very excited to bring you the Rockstar Mentor Podcast.

Rockstar Mentor is THE podcast and mentoring podcast to provide you the confidence to kick some serious butt with your art or creative business. Do you like money? Do like and desire success? Do you want to know how to create products from your art? Do you want your brand to knock it out of the ballpark and make a difference in peoples lives? If you desire to make a living, real money, (you now….the green stuff) and to make a living doing what you love then this is the podcast and program for you! I also want to tell you that YOU are the rockstar, we are not talking about me, we are talking about YOU!

Are you more than just an artist, perhaps you are an ace with baking and decorating cakes, you’re a floral designer with the need to blossom into a lucrative and popular floral business, you have the “know how and are the true talent with your craft” but you lack in some business sence, then Rockstar Mentor is for you. Anyone in a creative job….. Actually you can be in any sort of entrepreneurial job and truly benefit from the Rockstar Mentor podcast!

Being successful is doing what you love and how to achieve this and make a living in it. Make a living creating your art, get it out there, provide inspiration, real life strategies, this is the show that will hepp catapult you in the the art world! I have been making a living from selling my art for almost over 15 years. It is easy? well it’s not called ARTWORK for nothing. Yes, there is work involved, there is awesomeness involved, and of course there is dedication and tennacity involved.

Some of the questions that I hear from many artsits is that you are afraid to jump in with both feet. Are you suffering from stage fright? Trust me, I know and understand that this can be quite crippling for many artists, especially since many artists are introverts and do not want to take the leap.

Are you planning on selling online at the beginning…? Perhaps your artwork will be amongst many others on art selling sites like “fineartamerica.com” or “etsy.com”, artnet.com, shopify.com etc, where do you start, how many items to list, why should you take custom orders and when do you take them, what do you include in your bio? I have over 50 episodes here to help you jump start and give you the kickstart you need to rock it in the art industry. I have done it all…. and more!

What is holding you back?

What is your story to tell?

What success stories would you like to hear about others and their success?

How do you get your art for licensing deals and promotions?

What are the resources that you will need to help you?

I have done it all in this art business and I can help you, I want you to be successful in selling your work and seeing some real results doing so!

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