Episode 059 – Successful Followup to Get Referrals and keep ’em Coming Back!

Episode 059: Commission follow up, how to keep them coming back.
If you are fortunate enough to secure a commission from a collector  then I congratulate you! This is the first step in building a really amazing relationship with you and your collectors.
This is the first step in creating and building a relationship with collectors who love your artwork. I’m gonna give you the five top reasons why it’s important to follow these basic rules.
1) Enthusiasm. Your customers are connecting with you because they want artwork, a creation made by you.  If you are enthusiastic about this process it will resonate with your customer and they will be excited too. More chances for them to refer you.
2). Referral bonus. Your customer referred you to somebody who ends up buying a large commission from you, or in fact, any commission from you. Give them a gift of the percentage of with that referral is. For instance somebody commissions a $2000 painting from you. Provide something to The referee in the amount of $100-$200 as a thank you. Come on, don’t be cheap when it comes to this, you’ll be ahead $1800 without even batting an eye. Treat that referral customer as one of your most important clients that you can possibly imagine.
3). Follow up. Give them time to breathe and enjoy the work. Within a weeks. Of time, send a handwritten thank you note. Does not have to be a long novel of things, but something genuine with gratitude of their trust in you to provide some beauty to their home or office space. Preferably a nice card with your artwork on it, that is one of the benefits of having some nice greeting cards made with your art on it.
4). Make sure that you add your client to your VIP mailing list. As mentioned in past episodes that if you do not have a VIP list of a mailing list of your customers to connect with them to give them information on your exhibit schedule as well as new artworks that you have, get it together everyone. This is critical. It’s very important to keep your customers updated with what you’ve got happening in your creative studio.
5.). If you follow the rule of number for the number five is a no-brainer. Offering a nice incentive for future commissioned or any other original artwork. I have had dozens, and I’m not joking. Dozens of clients who keep coming back because they are in through the Astec about my art. They come back and they want to know what’s new they want to see was fresh in your studio. My rule of them is if they’ve already purchased commission or any other original work, including limited-edition prints, they get 10% off. They can take that off of the price of the artwork or I will certainly allow them to take it out in other artwork or merchandise.
The point is rock stars, the more you collectors come back to you, the more art is in their house which means the more of you is in their presence. Something beautiful and idealistic is hanging in there homer office. That’s the biggest gift of all….. treat your customers like they are gold, they are providing you to be a part-time artist or full-time artist. I mean, how cool is that!
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