Episode 063 – Gaining Instagram Followers the Right Way

Episode 063: Gaining Instagram Followers the Right Way, the pros and cons of paid Instagram followers.  Be patient and wait for the real deal and work it right.

Are you new to Instagram or are you a seasoned Instagrammer?  If you are new to IG, then you most likely have already started searching for friends, fellow artists, celebs,  musicians, trends and more!  It’s literally hashtag mania!  And when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they aren’t kidding! If you are seasoned, then this information will be of good use to you as well.

Gaining followers takes time, unless you are impatient and want to spend good hard earned money to jump to the front of the line by way of “instant followers”. There are plenty of ways to gain followers the fast way, however you are not gaining true followers, there are bogus accounts that exist that do NOTHING more than populate your IG page.  They will not comment, like, share or add any value to your IG account.  If IG decides they are going to do one of their clean ups and delete these fake accounts, then “boom” they are gone and you have lost hundreds or thousands of accounts from your page.

Be patient, gain your followers the organic and best way possible.  Comment, follow, like and share other Instagrammers and have fun doing it.  This podcast outlines the does and don’ts, pros and cons of getting the most from your IG followers, use the right hashtags and just have FUN!

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