Episode 069 – RSM and Podcast Movement 2017 recap, lessons, MaiTai’s and takeaways

Episode 069
This episode is a summary of Podcast Movement 2017 which I attended last week in Anaheim, CA. I had the opportunity to meet many great movers and influencers in the podcast community. This episode is dedicated to all of the great folks that I met and got inspired by!

Here are a few of the great people mentioned in this podcast are, some of my San Jose peeps are Lori Krein of the upcoming podcast “Remodel your Marriage”, Tina Deane Coddington of the “Healing Business Podcast“, Esther Ludlow of “Once Upon a Crime” who were also in attendance for this great event.

I also had the opportunity to meet up Ramona Rice and Mark Asquith of “Podcast Websites“, Kate Erickson of “Kate’s Take“, John Lee Dumas of “EOFire“, Harry with “Podcast Junkies“, Cathy Heller of “Don’t keep your day job“, Dana Garrison of “The Freedom Formula“, Cliff Ravenscraft of the “Cliff Ravenscraft Show“, Dan Taberski and Lex Friedman of “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast, Laurence Colletti of the “Legal Talk Network” and soooo many more fabulous individuals.


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