Episode 089 – Social Media Woes That Will Make You Tear Your Hair Out!

Ep. 089 Social Media Woes That Will Make You Tear Your Hair Out!

Just when you are all comfy in your Social Media zone, then BAM! You get hit with another algorithm change that will seriously affect the way you manage your business. Sure we all get into the groove where we are comfortable and have our routine, the phone is ringing, the email is chiming and life is good…… then, you get hit with
I did a lot of research on this subject and located a great blog that explained this in four part summary. this was written by Jen McDonnell of Reshift Media  she wrote this blog and I found this to best explain what to do as a business and how best to prepare with the changes without panicking! The article is called “10 marketing Tips for Businesses to Capitalize on Facebook Newsfeed Changes”.
I will admit that I am the first one to freak out, mainly because I spend so much time streamlining my processed and preparing the organization of my posts for social media. The part that is so frustrating for me is that I am an artist and I teach painting classes/events adn this takes so much away from the time I need to run my business ()which I do really well) so this just adds more to my already crazy  schedule. I know deep down inside that this will be good (and expensive) for my biz, but ….. well… you know….

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