sonya_studioGreetings everybody!  I am artist Sonya Paz and welcome to my mentoring website, Rockstar Mentor. The mentorship program that’s no BS, I’ll give you the kick you need to make a difference in the art world and crush it with your art or creative business. How to get seen in the community, get into exhibits, how to work with galleries and more!

“Who is Sonya Paz?” some of you may be asking that question. What type of experience do I have to empower you to get that kickstart you need with your art or creative business or marketing career?
Based out of northern California, I am a full time artist, designer, manufacturer, brand specialist, kick ass mentor, and creative force behind my art brand “Sonya Paz Art and Design”. I proudly admit that I have done it all in this crazy and flourishing art industry.

I started selling my art in the mid 90’s at local community craft fairs, coffee houses, cafes, art and wine festivals, social gatherings, corporate events. Then the power of the internet and auction sites like eBay surfaced and that was it! Finally a place whre I could take my art to that next amazing level. I had no idea that I would eventually be exhibiting in the platinum booth at Art Expo International in New York City and be represented by several galleries all over the United States.

In addition to being represented in other galleries, I decided to own and operate a series of my own galleries. I opened up our flagship store in 2008 in which I owned, operated, worked and managed. I have built my own product line of merchandise from textiles to watches to jewelry. These products, along side my original art, are sold directly through these galleries and through my exclusive online store. I have worn many hats throughout this industry and I have been through the many trenches of experience. This is where I can help you!

I succeeded in gallery ownership, building my own brand. I would often get asked “What is the key to success of owning a gallery and developing a successful product line”. These questions and interest prompted me to turn these inquiries into an entire mentorship and art marketing workshop program. After many years of working/coaching and consulting with creative individuals and establishing a clientele of mentees in my local area and have successfully worked with so many artists on many different levels, I decided to expand my creative services to develop Rockstar Mentor, a incredible resource where you can learn everything about running your own art business.

I am also creating a series of podcasts to also serve you  – this has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while.
Yes, I’adm podcasting! I have started to record a series of podcasts on a weekly basis that will help you rock it as an artist!
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Let’s ROCK this!