There is no better feeling to know that I have helped others in their art journey! Testimonials are the best way to say thanks!

“Being an artist for many years, I felt daunted with talking to customers about my watercolor paintings. After attending Sonya’s Art Marketing Workshops I felt more at ease and confident to discuss my works with potential clients and this showed through my positive attitude. Sonya really helped me to achieve success in selling and promoting myself! I actually really love taking to customers now. I will return for more sessions with Sonya, I can’t wait!”

~ Edward R. Palo Alto, CA


“I liked the easy feel in which you explained everything in the workshop for our glass group. We had many questions and you were great to answer everything. I learned so much!”
Many thanks!  Jelveh J. Morgan Hill, CA


“What I liked the best was your enthusiasm and how it lead to my inspiration!”
JoAnn, Scotts Valley, CA


“Easy to learn from Sonya, she explained everything in a way that’s easy to understand. She kept me accountable and I really needed that!” I can’t wait for the next series of sessions!”
Bethany C.  Mesa, AZ


“I am new to selling my work, and needed the basics on how to display my products. It’s already made a difference at the shows I have been in so far – I also got into some new shows based on my new booth setup – thanks Sonya!”
Renae L., San Francisco, CA


I struggled with looking at my customer when discussing price and Sonya worked with me so I can overcome this character flaw of mine. I am getting better and learning so much from Sonya, she’s amazing and so talented. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”
Chrissie, Salt Lake City, UT